Battalion Bear Pit

Mission Statement: Battalion Bear Pit is dedicated to providing emotional, physical and mental support and guidance to veterans, active duty and pre-military personnel through physical, military style training in order to ease their transition in every stage of their military life ensuring they are able to live their best lives.

Why Are We Doing This? Coach served in Desert Storm and Somalia while in the Marine Corp and, like many who served, now has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He endured it on his own for many years before he was helped by Prolonged Exposure Therapy. Now, it is his turn to give back by helping other veterans get the help they need in hopes that they don’t become one of the 22 veterans that die by suicide every day.

When his son decided to enlist in the Army, he developed his Pre-Military Program to prepare him for the mental and physical aspects of bootcamp and has sent more than 200 young men and women off with a 100% success rate. Now, we want to provide scholarships for military hopefuls who can’t afford this type of support.

Veterans/Active Duty Program

Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide. One of Battalion Bear Pit’s goals is to reduce that statistic from “22 to Zero” through our veteran support program.

·        Battalion Bear Pit provides a safe workout environment for endorphin release in a private setting with other veterans and active duty military

·        Round table discussion with volunteer veteran trauma counselor after workout

·        Referral to trauma counselor as needed for 1 on 1 prolonged exposure therapy

·        Provide assistance with transportation to VA and advocacy at VA

·        Assist with transition from military to civilian life

·        Assist with establishment of benefits at VA

·        Assist with establishment of legal resources, if needed

Pre-Military Program  

Preparing for basic training involves much more than being able to pass the Physical Fitness Program. Bear Pit has a tried and true program that has sent hundreds of young men and women to every branch of the military. 

·        Battalion Bear Pit provides scholarship to fund the pre-military program for potential recruits in need

·        Prepare military hopefuls for bootcamp with physical training and military knowledge

·        Focus on mental aspects of bootcamp and military life by providing training and stress management techniques

·        Program includes how to meet weight requirement with custom diet if needed, how to meet the initial strength test, gas chamber and grunt hiking tips and preparation

·        Candidates are taught military creeds, ranks, code of conduct, military bearing, facing movement, presenting of arms, respect to leaders, and military etiquette