Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide. One of Battalion Bear Pit’s goals is to reduce that statistic from “22 to Zero” through our veteran support program.

·        Battalion Bear Pit provides a safe workout environment for endorphin release in a private setting with other veterans and active duty military

·        Round table discussion with volunteer veteran trauma counselor after workout

·        Referral to trauma counselor as needed for 1 on 1 prolonged exposure therapy

·        Provide assistance with transportation to VA and advocacy at VA

·        Assist with transition from military to civilian life

·        Assist with establishment of benefits at VA

·        Assist with establishment of legal resources, if needed


Preparing for basic training involves much more than being able to pass the Physical Fitness Program. Bear Pit has a tried and true program that has sent hundreds of young men and women to every branch of the military. 

·        Battalion Bear Pit provides scholarship to fund the pre-military program for potential recruits in need

·        Prepare military hopefuls for bootcamp with physical training and military knowledge

·        Focus on mental aspects of bootcamp and military life by providing training and stress management techniques

·        Program includes how to meet weight requirement with custom diet if needed, how to meet the initial strength test, gas chamber and grunt hiking tips and preparation

·        Candidates are taught military creeds, ranks, code of conduct, military bearing, facing movement, presenting of arms, respect to leaders, and military etiquette